By way of expanding operations in international markets, a Baltic group of companies of high technologies, BOD Group, set-up a controlling company SIA „Global BOD Group“ (GBG) with more than 16,5 mln. Eur of authorised capital.

The newly set-up controlling company „Global BOD Group“ manages the following companies, based in Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia - „Baltic Disc“, „BOD Group“, „BRD“, „Soli Tek cells“, „Soli Tek R&D”.

According to Vidmantas Janulevičius, General Manager of Global BOD Group - “the decision to set up a company was taken in order to become more transparent and more accessible to prospective investors. This also simplify management of the group of companies, and cut the management costs“.

A set-up of a controlling company marks a new stage in the development of BOD Group group of companies. BOD Group now actively expanding its operations in various countries around the globe, primarily in the Republic of South Africa, Malaysia, and India. This facilitates involvement in large-scale international projects, and an opportunity to offer higher guarantees of our responsibility.