V.Janulevičius participated in business organizations „BusinessEurope“ Council of Presidents meeting


On the 23rd of November in Vienna Council of Presidents meeting was held by business organization “BusinessEurope” uniting European industry and employers' organizations. Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists (LCI) is a member of the following organization.

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In 2019 Dakar Antanas Juknevičius will have a radiating helper


In 2019  Dakar Antanas Juknevičius with an experienced team of engineers is taking for a new, perhaps historic step in the history of renewable energy and sports: servicing a truck, installing a new solar module system, will try to solve the problem independently - without external sources of energy in all races.

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The Partnership of Global BOD Group and M. Jovaiša‘s Project Unseen Lithuania That Has Become a Unique Piece of Art


On Tuesday evening in Vilnius Congress Hall the second and the most recent part of Unseen Lithuania, a photo album that had achieved a great success, was presented. The author of the book Marius Jovaiša admitted that the second part would not existed right now if the first one had not been such a success. “I’ve been waiting for this day for almost 10 years. Since I published the first book, a long road started, which led me to the second album“, said M. Jovaiša.

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SoliTek produced its first solar cells from recycled materials


SoliTek joined “Horizon 2020” 7,8 mln. Eur. value project CABRISS and produced its first solar cells from recycled materials – defected cells and its fragmentations.

Recycling technology of solar cells and modules was created and tested with the contribution of partners from Germany “Loser Cheme”, France’s National Solar Energy Institute CEA-INES and Norway’s Independent Research Organisation SINTEF.

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Step into the future: solar energy for Dakar rally trucks


During automobile racing across the deserts and other places where there is no possibility to get electricity, Dakar rally trucks usually waste quite some time simply waiting for a regular accumulator devices to get charged in order to begin using electricity for repairing purposes. In addition to that, the charging process, which lasts about an hour, is rather loud and unpleasant to hear due to noise induced by generators, their weight and size.

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