BOD Group brings next generation solar technology to Perak

BOD Group plans to build a factory in Perak to manufacture cutting edge glass-glass solar modules
Another milestone has been reached in Malaysia Lithuania bilateral relationship thanks in large part to efforts by the State of Perak.
On 17th September, Majuperak Energy Resources Sdn Bhd, a company under the stable of Perak State Development Corporation (PKNP), has signed a landmark agreement to launch a pilot project near Ipoh to showcase new generation glass-glass solar modules.
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Set-up of a controlling company, Global BOD Group (GBG)


By way of expanding its operation in international markets, a Baltic group of companies of high technologies, BOD Group, set-up a controlling company SIA Global BOD Group (GBG). The key purpose of a set-up of a new company is to make structure of companies more transparent and attractive to investors, and to prepare for listing of shares on a stock market.

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