Patented invention

2017-02-27 Patented BOD Group invention


GBG Group Chairman of the Board Vidmantas Janulevičius rejoices over a huge success of the company - the State Patent Bureau of the Republic of Lithuania has patented and entered into the Patent Register of the Republic of Lithuania the invention of BOD Group - simultaneous cooling and heating system and method.

The purpose of the invention is the efficient use of heating / cooling equipment for producing heat and cold at the same time. This is achieved in the system by using both heat and cold simultaneously, utilizing the heat recovered from refrigeration system, as well as making use of passive cold that is taken from outside the contour when the heat pump is not required. This allows to save at least 30 percent of the heating / cooling costs.

“The present invention also obliges our company to remain innovative and efficient”, noted GBG Chairman of the Board Vidmantas Janulevičius.


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